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   "Rick's RV Center has been fantastic every time"
Jack L    "Rick's RV Center has been fantastic every time I've been there. From when I first came in with questions I always got answers that helped. And I've been back in for repairs to my trailer. They really know what they are doing, and are happy to explain, and show just what the proper repair process is. Bought my trailer from Bobby Combs, just down the street. Also a great place to go. Rick's has done all of my warranty work from roof, wall, molding, bed storage lifts, shower wall, paint, graphics, and some frame repair. They went deeper into some of the repairs then I ever thought would be needed. And they explained that in order to do the job correctly, just once, and so it would last that is why it was done that way. I would stop by for progress reports, and they always took the time to give me a "show and tell" session. Everyone involved from parts, to the people up front and the techs. out back were friendly, new what they were doing, and more then willing to share their wealth of knowledge. I'm very impressed with the quality of their work. I feel very lucky to have such a great local business to rely on for my trailers health. Weather I stop by updates, parts, advise or just to say hello I'm always treated very well. Great friendly people willing to help in any way. Thank you for all of your help."
Rate Your Experience:        20-Mar-2017
   "Great customer service and excellent work!"
Dean Carr    "My story starts off by calling a few trailer and RV repair shops and then I called Ricks RV and after talking with Bart about my situation I knew right away that this was the place for my camper repair. When I purchased my 2015 shockwave T18SSMX toy hauler I didn't really know a lot about campers and come to find out my axles were undersized from the forest river factory for what my camper was designed to do. With all my ancillaries and without the weight of a toy I was already at max capacity weight wise. It was built with 3500lbs axles and C load range tires and forest river told me that a few months later they switched to 5200lbs axles and D load range tires so it could handle the extra weight of a toy. So fast forward to the job at hand. Bart told me we could get 6k axles for the same price as 5200lbs axles and all heavy duty hardware for what I thought was a very fair price and the thing that actually sold me was the fact that once I told him I was retired military he really tried to make the entire job even more affordable for me. The overall job was time consuming due to the fact the axles had to be built because they were not in stock. But once the axles were received the job went quickly and even with me adding some extra stuff into the job it was done in a timely manner! So the end result was I finally took it camping this weekend that just went by because we have had months of rain on the weekends and I'm completely satisfied with the work Ricks RV did on my camper and will look to them in the future for all me RV needs! Thanks again for a job well done!"
Rate Your Experience:        08-Mar-2017
   "Extremely Complex RV Repair"
Donald C    "I wanted to send you an email to commend Erick on his fine customer service. I emailed him several weeks ago asking about warranty service. Within a day he responded and answered all my questions. I had a complex situation and was trying to work between my selling dealer repairs and repairs to the chassis that the dealer doesn't do. I called to schedule an appointment and he got me in within a week which shocked me, frankly. I dropped the coach off and completed the paperwork with Erick, he was friendly and explained the process. My coach is an older coach but it is new to me! Having only dealt with the selling dealer that was my only experience with the process of Motorhome repair. I dropped it off on a Friday and the following Thursday I contacted Erick and he told me the coach had been diagnosed and the warranty company notified. Of course not all parts are readily available, but Erick gave me a timeframe for the repairs to be completed. Of course a part was delayed, Erick kept me informed, I actually felt sorry for him because he was also getting conflicting information, but he assured me he would work with his parts manager to get the part as soon as possible. Knowing that I wanted to get the rig to the selling dealer as soon as I could he notified me when the coach would be done, but he also kept me informed of shop policies for release of the coach, which I understood, but I discussed possible work around's if payment from the warranty company was delayed. Erick was prepared to see what we would have to do to ensure that I could pick up the coach when I needed to. Needless to say you and your team have set a new bar for service! I realize the Erick is the Face of Rick's RV for me and that he had to coordinate with the Repair Specialists, parts managers and the like, but you are in very good hands with Erick!

I appreciate the challenges of a Service Advisor, being the messenger is never easy and having to explain bad news or delays to a customer who has plans is never easy. I think Erick Excels here! He is an asset to your organization and brings credibility to your processes. It is easy to baffle a customer with BS, but Erick chooses the high road and uses facts and experience to temper expectations. At least that has been my perception and experience!

I look forward to returning to Rick's RV for my Motorhome needs!"
Rate Your Experience:        24-Feb-2017
   "Extremely Professional"
Angela T    "These folks are extremely professional, well trained and very good at their job. We couldn't be happier of the work that has been done at Rick's RV."
Rate Your Experience:        01-Dec-2016
   "It's a Pleasure to work with Rick's RV Center"
Chris D.    "I have worked with Rick's RV for a couple years now and its been pleasure every time. They are a premier RV Service company. 5 stars to Eric and everyone else at Rick's."
Rate Your Experience:        20-Sep-2016
   "Quick Repair & Professional"
M. D.    "My trailer tongue and hitch cracked at the end of my work day! Called into Rick's RV to see if they could help and inquire how fast they could get me back on the road since my business depends on my work trailer. I talked to Ryan, friendly, caring and professional on the phone as well as when I brought my vehicles in the next morning first thing. Rick's RV team were able to get my vehicles repaired within a few hours as they had promised. Ryan kept me posted with phone calls as to status and price quotes. The cost was very reasonable. 3 months later repairs are holding up and all is good. I'm happy I went to Rick's RV! A bonus is that they are very dog friendly there, they brought my thirsty dogs water bowls and gave them lots of love too while I waited for my repairs to be finished :-)"
Rate Your Experience:        28-Aug-2016

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